Sunday, December 8, 2013

Book Release & Upcoming Harvest!

Well, let's call it a slow launch, but it's happened!  Our book has been made available on Amazon in both digital and printed form.  So check out this sweet action:

Yes, very professional looking!  Let me describe some of the features you will find if you decide to bring this little gem home for yourself.

  a.  A collection of practical information on harvesting pigs!

  2.  Works as a pig-harvest-themed coaster around the house - perfect for Christmas, a sure conversation starter.

and furthermore.  The convenient size works well to level wobbly tables, shim doors, or any number of other convenient tasks.

So, the basic deal is, you probably want this on your bookshelf right now.  Luckily, it is available worldwide, via the internets, and is just a click away!  Also, you've already found your way to the blog, so look around on our resource pages and you'll find recommendations on tools, equipment, and further reading in order to help you make the very most of your own harvest.

You can order the book by following this link:Harvesting Pigs at Home: Traditional Methods, Exceptional Results Start clicking now, and you'll have every stocking stuffed in time for Christmas! Also, in upcoming news, we have a harvest date coming up fast! This Friday we will be turning our attention to four bountiful pigs and providing stores for several families. We'll chronicle the work and provide an update on our Harvest Stories page. So, drop back in soon and keep an eye out for updates, and of course share your own stories with us if you decide to take up this work for you and yours!